Thursday, 3 August 2017

6 Steps to calm your anxious child TODAY

I sometimes receive emails from parents who have bought my book or who are part of a group who have recommended it. In reading it, they sometimes want more - more information, more suggestions, validation for their concerns, which are, believe it or not, apparently not legitimate according to some doctors and counsellors.


As parents, you know when your child is on the edge of hysteria. You've seen the signs many times and may feel powerless to stop it progressing to that irrational point of no return.

But help is here! With my 6 easy steps to bringing down the anxiety, settling the nerves, achieving a level of peace. Today.

step one -
High levels of stress means your child's cortisol levels remain on high alert constantly and she may not know how to 'come down.' This may result in poor sleep, which in turn makes things worse. To reduce cortisol levels you need to introduce your child's body to the 'feel good' chemicals that are naturally produced in the human body when we exercise. Trampoline, bike riding, skipping with rope, jogging, playing a ball game, running races, climbing trees - anything that gets your child's heart rate up and makes them puff. This has the effect of releasing a lot of pent up anger and frustration, releases endorphins and allows for better sleep.

step two -
Eat fruit and nuts. And by that I don't' mean fruit juice, fruits smashed in a juicer, I mean fresh, lovely fruit that you have to chew! And a variety of raw nuts. (not coated in sugary stuff or salt). The act of the jaw chewing has been found to improve mood, reduce anxiety as well as improving digestion.

step three -
Get your GP to make a mental health care plan, if you are in Australia. It's covered by Medicare. This entitles you to free visits to counsellors or whatever health professionals you choose. Ask your GP which counsellors are recommended regularly by clients at their practice.

step four -
Remove all access to screens of any kind. By this I mean ipads, ipods, laptops, desktop computers, video games, movies etc. Instead, read aloud to each other, play board games, groom the cat/dog/guinea pig, go for walks. Research is showing that screen time and social media have harmful effects upon a child's growing brain and mental health. She doesn't need to be entertained by TV/DVD/video games. She has you. Personal interaction is far more soothing and meaningful.  Don't get caught in the trap of letting your child dictate the terms, saying watching a movie calms him/her. Your child does not need this kind of stimulation!
step five -
In a state of high anxiety your child needs low lighting. Darken the room, keep sounds to a minimum. Make sure 'quiet time' is built into every day. 

step six -
This is in the book too, visit your local health food store and let her select an essential oil she feels makes her calm. Add drops to her pillow and put in oil burners in the home. She can even put drops on a hanky and take to school. When she feels stressed, she can pull out the hanky and take deep, calming breaths.


So there are my 6 steps to a calmer child today. Exercise, diet, a mental health care plan, no screens, less noise and light and essential oils. try it! And please let me know how you fare.

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