About Dawn Meredith

My name is Dawn Meredith. I'm a teacher, author, mother, childrens counsellor, artist (and robot collector!) I've worked with kids for 25 years in the classroom as a Secondary School Teacher but mostly 1:1 in Special Education with Aspie, Autistic, bright, disabled or just plain quirky kids - all of them fabulous individuals who surprise, delight and enthuse me. My background is Art, English and Special Education. My first two books were published in 2000 as part of a non-fiction series. Since then I've written fantasy novels, poems, fiction chapter books and a WWII biography. In 2016 there are more on the way. Of all my books, 12 Annoying Monsters has by far reached the largest audience, all over the world. This is fantastic as I want to help as many kids and their parents as I can!
You can find out more about me here: http://dawnmeredithauthor.blogspot.com.au/

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