WHAT PARENTS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS say about 12 Annoying Monsters

from Amazon:
"We have tried so many books and workbooks for my anxious 6 year old son and this is the one that 'spoke to him' and has been an ongoing, useable resource. I found the information in the book really helpful for understanding anxiety and particularly the body's response to it, and then the 12 monsters themselves are a useful tool for a child to identify with. Reading the title of each made me smile as Dawn Meredith certainly has done an amazing job of identifying the different types of anxiety. Thank you for this book, it really has made a difference to us, and I've recommended it to others many times."

"Great for children with anxiety. My child found this helpful."

other comments:

My son loved it. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It was insightful, compassionate and used kid-friendly language. I truly enjoyed reading it. I only wish I had a book like this when I was a child.
– Flavia Young, Publicist and blogger

Your 'Monsters' book is excellent Dawn. I am giving it to my daughter (Special Needs Teacher) to see if she can utilise it in her work as well.
– Harry Mayr, Principal Psychologist, St Marys/Penrith Psychological Services

I belong to a parent support group for gifted children. We were discussing your book a couple of nights ago and how it has been extremely helpful for one of the families in the group and many of us were interested to hear about the book and how we could source it… The lady who has used this book with her children was very happy with the outcome and how it had helped them.  She said she had been able to go back to the book to revisit aspects as difficulties arose.  
– Elizabeth M

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